Maged Bishara Brossard Telecom Industry – Its Development Or New Features.

Comcast has announced its huge revenue profit amounting to $ 2.1 billion.

Well for a revenue profit that is quite an amount. Where did Comcast get that huge profit from and what is Comcast? We’ll start first with what is Comcast; Comcast is a cable provider that has innovations with cable TV in their XFINITY®TV. This XFINITY TV application offers best broadcasting capability that satisfy customer’s thirst for quality programs with their On Demand almost 30,000 choices of content.

The first one to set up DOCSIS 3.0 that enables their XFINITY Internet services to offer range of mbps choices for up to 105mbps. Integration of other Comcast services with their IP-enabled phone services for homes are delivered by them through their XFINITY Voice. They tied up with NBC Universal with their XFINITY TV adding more substance to their ample form.

They have many innovations with their XFINITYs then and the latest one the beta tested Xcalibur and now X1 DVR platform. This kind of software and the upcoming iPhone apps were the latest of Comcast’s pride and the current utilized version is from where those huge profits came from.

X1 is the latest feature that set the trend for modern day cable providers. Peek preview shows some similarities with their current existing XFINITY TV remote apps for use on phones and tablets, with formatting for HD screens. This app solicits support from your social network for Pandora, Facebook, weather, TV and traffic.

Sneak preview with this X1 has shown the following excerpts from an insider’s account of the previewing.

The X1 is a top box platform set that is connected to your TV as cable router but innovations were built into it by Comcast in their quest togive complete cable TV viewing experience. This is all because of their love for technology development fueled by their penchant for anything Internet Technology has to offer for their much loved customers. Then we have yet to anticipate another upcoming innovation with this yet to be unveiled applications.

Yes, changes and innovations are part and parcel offering of telecommunications industry since time immemorial. With Comcast’s first step expect those other cable providers to follow.

Guide mirrors have new looks and exactly shows what were contained in the manual. Earlier this was demonstrated on Samsung HD TVs that has 16×9 displays that can accommodate main navigation elements on top. They remodeled their remote putting new buttons but have yet to embrace the modern QWERTY feature. Software and hardware have been designed around T9-style entree to enable messaging and searching. An icon denoting a microphone and a button that suggest voice control featured as one of the possibilities.  The pace box that were displayed to us previously is the DVR itself. Information on the number of tuners shows a lot of differences including the availability of space for the hard drive. You can sense some details for the mean time are still in the form of ideas.

You want to know more come back and check for our experience with this X1 we will surely provide you some details. We could be your informers for account of first hand and novel television viewing involvement.

Maged Bishara Brossard

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